Bronze Plus: e-publishing intensive

E-Publishing Intensive

  • structural editing
  • copy editing as a review
  • cover design
  • sourcing cover image
  • licensing of cover image
  • ISBN for EPUB, MOBI, PDF and html flipbook formats
  • create linked Table of Contents
  • check required front matter/end matter
  • check book synopsis/blurb
  • manuscript formatting – pre conversion
  • proofreading
  • conversion to e-book formats

The E-Publishing Intensive package is suited to developing authors who are committed to self-publishing a highly engaging, successful e-book.

This package provides structural editing of the manuscript to analyse how well its constituent parts contribute to the intended message or the narrative.

The structural editor will do a complete read-through of the manuscript and provide suggestions to help improve word choices, transitions, and fluency and clarity of writing, as well as help to eliminate wordiness, triteness, confusing statements, mixed metaphors, and vague generalisations.

For fiction manuscripts, the editor will help strengthen your characters, plot, dialogue, and the overall flow of your narrative and work directly with you to provide text recommendations and bring your novel up to its highest potential.

This package also provides the final polish with a read through of the manuscript to concentrating on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It will also look for consistency of names, terminology, abbreviations and quote styling.

E-books requiring illustrations with the text, can be accommodated with an extra charge for sourcing and licensing extra images or illustrations and special formatting to include the illustrations with the text.

Other features:

Your book is made available for sale on site.

The e-book will have its own book page linked to an

‘About the Author’ page where all an authors books can be displayed.




If you require the same services for a subsequent project, you will need to purchase another publishing package, or select the relevant sub-packages that you need.