Print on Demand

Print on Demand (POD) is printing technology whereby books or other documents are not printed until an order has been received. This allows allows books to be printed singly or in small quantities.

Using the file created by our manuscript formatting service, TAT Publishing will prepare the formatted Word document for printing.

This includes:

  • changing the layout to suit required trim size (dimensions of printed book),
  • selecting font type and size
  • checking the consistency of headings and paragraph structure
  • checking the required front matter, end matter
  • creating and checking the table of contents
  • saving this as a PDF file

Using the prepared cover design file:

  • Check the positioning of the bar code
  • check that the spine width suits the number if pages

Author will need to supply the unique ISBN for this format or TAT Publishing can facilitate the purchase of an ISBN package. You will require both the ISBN and the barcode file.

Interior and cover files will be submitted for printing as required.


Please note: Your printing order will be quoted separately as this will depend on the quantity of books you wish to order and the book’s final page count. At that time, we can source the most competitive price for your project.

A proof copy will be requested from the printer before the full order is placed. This will enable you to inspect the printed book.

We will facilitate the initial and subsequent print runs and arrange delivery of the finished books to the author.

You will be required to provide a copy to the National Library of Australia under the requirements of legal deposit. A second copy will be required if your home state has a similar scheme. You may either choose to sumit these yourself, or authorise TAT Publishing to do so on your behalf after providing us with the copy or copies.

We will make the POD version available for sale on the site and display the cover image for visitors who browse the site. Books will also be listed on Goodreads via Listopia.